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2011 Apr 03

Eddie Kisfaludy

Eddie Kisfaludy

Operations Manager

With over 2000 days at sea, Kisfaludy has lead 800 oceanographic excursions around the world doing everything from diving for new biological species, deploying and recovering massive amounts of marine instrumentation, and occasional appearances on natural history TV programming. Eddie is a true ‘jack of all seas’ and was the senior curator of field operations and marine biological collector at Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD for 10 years, founding director of the Scientific Boating Safety Association, American Academy of Underwater Sciences SCUBA diver/board member, ROV pilot, licensed US Coast Guard Captain, and FAA Certified Flight Instructor with suborbital astronaut training experience at NASTAR and AGSOL. With a B.S. in marine biology and an impressive safety record, Eddie is a seasoned specialist in marine safety operations and is well known throughout the oceanographic community for making the seemingly impossible become a reality when working on unique projects in the ocean.